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The SOLEX page        What is SOLEX ?

Basically, SOLEX is a free computer program modelling the N-body dynamics of the Solar System, and it is the result of a long and patient amatorial work by the author (Aldo Vitagliano).
Its heart is a powerful numerical integrator, and the many additional functions make it a greatly flexible program, which at the same time is very simple to use and very powerful in its performances. It can just give aesthetic pleasure and help in identifying sky objects, or it can be used by an experienced researcher as a tool to investigate aspects of the solar system dynamics such impact probabilities and chaotic motion. More ...
Last but not least, the software package contains a companion orbit-determination program (EXORB), suitable for the determination of orbital elements of minor bodies (asteroids and comets) from their astrometric observations.

        Just to give the flavour of some unique capabilities of Solex, here are a few questions that the program can answer:

                                                          A few screen shots:

                                    1. The starting screen and      2. the "Text output" screen

    3.                               4.

3.  The Pleiades and six asteroids in a field of 4°                       4.  The asteroid belt, projected onto a plane perpendicular to the Equator


5.  Apophis on 2029/4/13, seen from Rome            6.   The Hildas and the Trojans, in a reference frame corotating with Jupiter
    5.                                  6.

5.   Track of the most ancient recorded total solar eclipse at Ugarit                    6. Occultation of alpha Leo (Regulus) by 163 Erigone on 03/20/2014
                                                                                                                                      Predicted ground track with estimated uncertainties.

    Download the installation file for Solex 11.05 Light:     SETS110L.ZIP (updated October 16, 2010)

    Important Note to Windows 7 users

    Download the English manual:                           Solex110.doc     (updated June 25, 2010)

    Download the ExOrb manual:                              ExOrb70.doc       (updated May 2010)

    Scarica il manuale in Italiano:                     SolexIta.doc        (v. 10.2, aggiornato 28 Dicembre 2009)

   Download the latest executable update:           SOLEX110.ZIP   (v. 11.09, upd. Dec. 9, 2011);  EXORB70.ZIP  (v. 7.04, upd. Oct. 16, 2010)

  The very first DOS version, with BASIC source code:     SOLEX1.ZIP

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