SOLEX 12.0 Beta


It is advisable to install the software in a custom folder such as C:\MYPROGS\SOLEX120, rather than in the default folder proposed by the installer.

RUN. Method A (from the desktop Icon):     Double-Click on the Solex 12.0 icon.
If the size/font of the default window are too small or you don't like it, change it from the window "Properties" menu (small icon at the top left corner).

All the input/output takes place in the subdirectory USERDATA of the Solex12 home directory, such as C:\MYPROGS\SOLEX120\USERDATA\   

RUN. Method B (from command prompt in a CMD window)
The program can be run from any CMD window opened in any custom directory, where all the input/output will take place.
This is particularly convenient if you need to run multiple instances of the software, so that the disk output from one instance won't be overvritten by the other.
To start from a command prompt it is necessary to manually add the appropriate PATH (Such as C:\MYPROGS\SOLEX120) in the control panel menu:
System - advanced settings - environment variables - Path
and it is also necessary to create the environment variable SOLEX120DIR and set it to the value of the Path (such as C:\MYPROGS\SOLEX120).   

MANUALS:  The documentation is not ready yet. You may refer to the old manuals, which can be downloaded from the Old Version page

For most commands, an on-line help can be obtained at runtime by right-clicking on the command.

Download Solex 12.0 Beta    Full Installation file updated February 8, 2016

Updating the executable files:

If you downloaded the full installation file already, rather than reinstalling the whole thing you may update only the executable files
and EXORB80.EXE to the latest version available, and then replace the old files in the folder where you installed them.
After updating the executables, help files should also be updated, downloading the file SOLHELP.ZIP, and decompressing it inside
the subdirectory (folder) HLP of the SOLEX folder.  The updated executable are ZIP compressed as well.

Download SOLEX120.ZIP   updated February 10, 2017

Download EXORB80.ZIP    updated February 10, 2017

Download SOLHELP.ZIP    updated February 2, 2017
Help in German included, thanks to Gerhard Kaufmann