SOLEX 12.1

INSTALLATION:  Run the SETUP121.EXE program and follow the instructions.
The default installation folder is C:\SOLEXORB\SOLEX121.  If you intend to install in a different folder, it is
 recommended to avoid the Windows folder C:\Program Files (x86) or other folders having a splitted name.
 Older installations can be safely removed by manual deletion.
RUN. Method A (from the desktop Icon)
Double-Click on the Solex 12.1 icon. If the size/font of the default window are too small or you don't like
it, change it from the window "Properties" menu (small icon at the top left corner).
All the input/output  takes place in the subdirectory USERDATA of  the Solex12 home directory, such as

RUN. Method B (from CMD window)
The program can be run from any CMD window opened in any custom directory, where all the input/output will take place.

MANUALS  The documentation is located in the DOCS subdirectory of the SOLEX home folder.
An on-line help can be normally obtained at runtime by right-clicking on each command.

UPDATES  Minor updates to the software, for bug fixing and small improvements, will appear from time to time on this page.
These will need only the replacement of the executable files in the SOLEX home folder or, possibly, the replacement of the help
files in the HELP subdirectory, NOT a new full installation. Asteroid libraries are also updated  once or twice a year.

Download Solex 12.1  Full installation file, updated March 16, 2018

Solex121.exe    Upgrade of the executable, rev. 04, upgraded  December 8, 2018.

Enabled to import all known NEOs from a dedicated library.  Enabled NEW graphic display of constellation boundaries.

This file should replace the executable file in the Solex home directory.

Needs the NEW library file COSTBND.BIN, which must be put in the BIN subdirectory of the Solex home directory.

A minor issue, only for Windows 10 users:

If you get a disturbing out-of-center image in the starting screen, you might fix it by editing

the file Solex.cfg (CFG\Solex.cfg), changing the value of the Windows10  flag to 1 (if both 0 and -1 don't work).

Exorb81.exe   Update of the executable, updated September 24, 2018.

Minor bug fixes and various improvements. This file should replace the executable file in the Solex home directory.

 ASTEREL2.BIN    MIBODIF2.BIN    Updated asteroid libraries

523800 asteroids, updated October 23, 2018. Should replace the two files in the subdirectory BIN of the Solex home directory.

NEODYS.BIN  New library of all NEOs (18911 objects),  updated  October 23, 2018. Must be copied to the subdirectory BIN of the Solex home directory.

When running Solex, can be switched on by repeated clicks on the black box next to the option Asteroid Library. Needs the upgraded version of the executable.

COMETS.BIN  Updated comet library, updated December 8, 2018. Should replace the file in the subdirectory BIN of the Solex home directory.



Page latest update: December 8, 2018.